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New Orthodontic assessment items on FP17O

On FP17Os, ‘Orthodontic assessment and de-bond – Overseas patient' is being introduced as a new item.

This item must only be used if the:

  • date of assessment is 1 October 2022 or later
  • IOTN score is present or IOTN not applicable is selected
  • patient is from overseas and they are unable to provide their orthodontic treatment records due to circumstances outside of their control
  • patient has an orthodontic appliance
  • patient has no history of NHS orthodontic treatment
  • patient does not pay for NHS dental treatment

Once your FP17O claim is successfully validated, you will receive one UOA.

If ‘Orthodontic assessment and de-bond – Overseas patient’ is not available on your dental practice management system, you can use the online form in Compass.

For further information, read completion of form guidance – FP17O (under the ‘Dental forms’ heading).