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Contract management

There are regulations for the provision of primary care dental services in England. These still apply to practices that join the contract reform programme to help us test the new model.

Some changes are needed for the practices providing community dental services (CDS) under the programme. 

CDS practices provide specific services for an identified group of patients. The regulation changes allow CDS practices to:

  • operate within the legal requirements for prototyping
  • follow the clinical pathway set out in the programme
  • test the effectiveness of delivering CDS in this way

When any dental practice joins the programme, a contract variation will need to be signed by the dental practice and NHS England. This allows practices to meet the requirements of the contract reform programme.

There are 2 different variation notices available:

General Dental Services - Standard GDS Contract Variation Notice for participants in the Prototype Agreements Scheme - November 2015 (PDF: 315KB)

Personal Dental Services - Standard PDS Agreement Variation Notice for participants in the Prototype Agreements Scheme - November 2015 (PDF: 315KB)

You can download the GOV.UK prototype directions 2015.

On the GOV.UK website you can view the existing regulations and amendments for all services:

NHS (General Dental Service) Regulations 2005

NHS (Personal Dental Service) Agreement Regulations 2005

NHS (Primary Dental Services - Misc. Amendments and Directions to the NHS Business Services Authority) Regulations 2016

Practices in the programme must make sure they meet their contract expectations. 

We provide reports every month to help practices measure their performance against:

  • capitation
  • activity

This will allow practices to take action where needed.

There are different reports available, including:

  • capitation remuneration reports
  • capitation and activity reports
  • capitated patient reports
  • imminent lapser reports
  • leavers and joiners reports

You can access the reports on Compass.

View the guidance on accessing your reports on Compass (PDF: 3.5MB).

Frequency of reports

Prototype reports are produced on a monthly basis to ensure that you are able to manage your contract closely.

Publication dates for the period from April 2019 to April 2020:


Monday 8 April

Thursday 9 May

Monday 10 June

Monday 8 July

Thursday 8 August

Monday 9 September

Tuesday 8 October

Friday 8 November

Monday 9 December


Thursday 9 January

Monday 10 February         

Monday 9 March

Wednesday 8 April

The reports reflect the month preceding the schedule close date. For example, May reports will be available in early June.

The EDI FP17 transmission schedule cut-off date will vary throughout the year. Appointment transmissions are cut off on the 22nd of each month.

Dental quality and outcomes framework (DQOF)

A report containing 2016/17 DQOF data is now available to practices and commissioners via Compass.

Contact us to ask about the content of the reports.