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Engagement events 2020

Thank you if you have booked onto one of our DCR virtual engagement events. We have produced a series of recorded presentations for you and your team to review in advance of the events:

DCR engagement event 2020 - improving oral health (ZIP: 10.6MB)

DCR engagement event 2020 - maintaining or improving access (ZIP: 10.8MB)

DCR engagement event 2020 - care delivered (ZIP: 15.1MB)

DCR engagement event 2020 - contract performance (ZIP: 10.6MB)

DCR engagement event 2020 - patient views (ZIP: 11.2MB)

DCR engagement event 2020 - practice views (ZIP:12.3MB)

DCR engagement events 2020 – introduction webinar (ZIP: 18.6MB)

These ZIP files include PowerPoint slideshow files. These presentations include a dataset and questions for consideration, as well as audio commentary.

Previous evaluations

The prototype system has been evaluated twice during this phase of testing. We’ve held engagement events to present the results, which were open to:

  • contract holders
  • associates
  • practice managers
  • commissioners

The events were an opportunity to reflect and discuss the data presented.

The September 2017 presentation includes a summary of the main points raised in the facilitated discussions under the topics of:

  • improvements in oral health
  • quality and appropriateness of care
  • sustainability for roll out
  • access and accessibility
  • contract delivery

View the presentations given at the engagement events:

January 2017 and February 2017 presentation (PDF: 1.2MB)

September 2017 presentation (PDF: 1.2MB)

We’ve used feedback given during the events to produce the dental contract reform evaluation report.