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Dental contract reform - prototypes England

The learning from piloting has enabled a prototype system to be designed, which, if successful could begin to be rolled out from 2018/19.

Prototype practices:

1. Will continue to test the patient pathway
2. Will continue to be measured against clinical and patient indicators in the Dental Quality and Outcomes Framework (DQOF)
3. Will test two blends of remuneration.  The majority of remuneration in both blends will be for capitated on-going and preventative care. 

Further details regarding Dental Contract Reform can be found on the PCC Website.

The NHSBSA have delivered a process to enable a Provider to transfer all patients from one Performer to another where the original Performer may have left the practice or goes on long term sick / maternity / paternity leave.

If you need to transfer all of a Performers patients to a different Performer then please complete the transfer request form. 

Transfer request form

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