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ISP user guidance

The guidance below will help you to access, navigate and use the Information Services Portal.

Quick start guide

Useful information to introduce you to the system:

Quick start guide (PDF: 2.35MB) 

Useful features for practices

A brief introduction to the features most commonly used by practice users: 

Useful features for practices (PDF: 2.41MB) 

Report list

A list of all report categories, sub categories and reports available within the Information Services Portal:

Report List (Word: 309KB)


A document to help users of the Information Services Portal by answering some of the common queries received from users of our Information Systems:

Frequently Asked Questions (Word: 440KB)

System requirements

This documents details how your PC should be set up to access and use the Information Services Portal

System Requirements (Word 252KB)

Levels of access

Standard access

  • MO KTT/Prescribing Comparators 
  • Out of Hours Care
  • PD2 
  • PMD National Report 
  • Programme Budget Categories (PBC) Reports
  • Prescribing Analysis Reports (PAR)
  • Personally Administered Items
  • Twenty Leading Cost Drugs
  • Practice Detailed Prescribing Information (PDPI)
  • Data Download
  • Repeat Dispensing
  • CD Monitoring
  • Common Information Reports

Financial access

  • Financial Management incorporating PMD, IPP and Remuneration Reports
  • All standard access reports

Home oxygen therapy access - CCG standard

  • CCG Payment Claim Summary
  • CCG Payment Claim – In Area Supply
  • CCG Payment Claim – Out of Area Supply
  • All standard access reports

Practice access

  • Individual practice details at prescriber level via Practice Detailed Prescribing Information (PDPI)
  • All standard access reports