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Check if you’re eligible

General residency criteria

In general, Social Work Bursary applicants must normally:

  • be ordinarily resident in England on the first day of the first academic year of their course
  • have been ordinarily resident in any UK country, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, for at least three years before the start of their course

Depending on your residency status in the UK when you start your course, additional residency rules may apply. These are explained in more detail in our guidance booklet.

Course-related eligibility criteria

You must be studying on an approved social work course.

You will not be eligible for a social work bursary if you:

  • are on an employment-based course
  • are studying on a joint nursing and social work course
  • already have a higher education social work qualification

You will only receive a Social Work Bursary if you meet all of the relevant residence and course-related criteria and your university has nominated you for a capped bursary place. Your university will decide which students will be on their capping list for a bursary.

Full details of the eligibility requirements and capping process is set out in our student guide, available soon. 

You are encouraged to read the guide before you make an application for a Social Work Bursary.