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Medicines optimisation dashboard

There are no plans to update the dashboard with any further time periods and we are in discussions with NHS England to decommission this dashboard completely.

If you're registered, you can access the medicines optimisation and medication safety dashboards using ePACT2.

If you are not registered for ePACT2, you can access the dashboards through Catalyst - public insight portal.

Medicines Optimisation

The Medicines Value Programme (MVP) was set up to improve health outcomes from medicines and make sure we're getting the best value from the NHS medicines bill. One of the workstreams is optimising the use of medicines.

Medicines optimisation looks at the value which medicines deliver, making sure they are clinically-effective and cost-effective.

The goal of medicines optimisation is to help patients:

  • get the right choice of medicines, at the right time
  • access treatment that is clinically effective, based on the latest scientific discovery, at as low a price as possible
  • improve their outcomes
  • take their medicines correctly
  • avoid taking unnecessary medicines
  • reduce wastage of medicines
  • improve medicines safety

You can view more information about the Medicines Value Programme on the NHS England website.

This dashboard brings together a range of data relating to variation in medicines use and prescribing to inform the strategic medicines optimisation plans of SICBLs and Trusts.

It helps support NHS organisations in highlighting variation and facilitates discussion on how they compare with others across a range of comparators.

It is not intended as a performance measurement tool and there are no targets.

Medication safety

The Medication Safety dashboard includes a set of prescribing indicators which have been developed to reduce medication error and promote safer user of medicines, including prescribing, dispensing, administration and monitoring. 

The programme of work is in response to the 'World Health Organisation' (WHO) global challenge - 'Medication with Harm'. 

View more information in the report of the short life working group.

The analysis is an experimental piece of work. This is the first time prescribing data has been linked to admissions data at a national level.


View Medicines Optimisation Specification (PDF:621KB)

View Medication Safety Specification (PDF: 999KB)