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Medicines optimisation dashboard

The medicines optimisation dashboard is managed by the 'Medicines Optimisation Intelligence Group'.

This dashboard is part of the wider PPRS / 'Medicines Optimisation Programme', a joint programme of action by NHS England and the ABPI, with the full support of government through the 'Ministerial Industry Strategy Group'.

Medicines optimisation is about improving patient outcomes, quality and value from medicines use, guided by the principles of medicines optimisation. It's also about creating a clinical pull to accelerate the optimal use of innovative, clinical and cost effective medicines which maximises the benefits of the PPRS agreement.

This dashboard brings together a range of data relating to variation in medicines use and prescribing to inform the strategic medicines optimisation plans of CCGs and Trusts.

It helps support NHS organisations in highlighting variation and facilitates discussion on how they compare with others across a range of comparators.

It is not intended as a performance measurement tool and there are no targets.

Medication safety

Medicines optimisation dashboard now includes a set of prescribing indicators which have been developed as part of a programme of work to reduce medication error and promote safer user of medicines, including prescribing, dispensing, administration and monitoring. 

The programme of work is in response to the 'World Health Organisation' (WHO) global challenge - 'Medication with Harm'. 

More information can be found in the report of the short life working group.

The analysis is an experimental piece of work. This is the first time prescribing data has been linked to admissions data at a national level.

Information on medicines optimisation can be found on the NHS England website.

Specification (PDF:726KB)

If you're registered, you can access the medicines optimisation dashboard using ePACT2.

If you are not registered for ePACT2, you can access medicines optimisation dashboard on our website.