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Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

We're working with various partner organisations to help prescribers and dispensers realise the benefits of increased EPS use, particularly through electronic repeat dispensing.

The future of EPS

Phase 4 and controlled drugs

Find out about prescribing Schedule 2 and 3 controlled drugs using EPS and about the Phase 4 pilots on the NHS Digital website.


How we can help

We've developed a series of resources to help primary care providers increase their EPS use.

Increased EPS use provides data that can be used to help providers identify suitable patients for electronic repeat dispensing (eRD). Higher levels of eRD mean we can offer improved reports on prescribing and not dispensed items to support medicines optimisation initiatives and help reduce waste.


EPS benefits

For patients

By using EPS, patients benefit from:

  • collecting repeat prescriptions directly from their pharmacy without having to visit the GP
  • paper prescriptions not getting lost
  • less time spent waiting in pharmacies and GP practices
  • a reliable, secure and confidential service

Talk to your GP or the person who prescribes your medicine for more information.

For prescribers

Through increased EPS use, prescribers benefit from:

  • more efficient processing of prescriptions
  • greater control of prescriptions dispensed
  • less time spent dealing with prescription queries
  • less time spent signing prescriptions

For dispensers

Through increased EPS use, dispensers benefit from:

  • automated downloads, making prescription processing more efficient
  • decreased waste and increased savings, as less printing needed
  • less time spent on administration and collecting prescriptions, which means more time for helping customers
  • improved stock control and greater accuracy
  • a prescription collection service no longer being needed
  • improved patient satisfaction through reduced waiting times
  • increased accuracy, meaning fewer prescription queries
  • less sorting and less paper to send to NHS Prescription Services


We've developed a series of presentation slides and materials that can be used to help support you to increase the awareness of EPS.

We can also give you further help and support specific to you.

For more information and to discuss your requirements, contact us by email:


Templates and guides

Prescriber Support Model (Powerpoint: 1.2MB)A presentation highlighting our offering to prescribers.

Dispenser Support Model (Powerpoint: 2MB)A presentation highlighting our offering to dispensers.

EPS Patient Leaflet (PDF: 2.5MB)An A5 leaflet suitable for local printing.

EPS Patient Poster (PDF: 1.9MB)An A3 poster suitable for local printing.

Waiting room slides (Powerpoint: 112KB)This content can be used on waiting room plasma for patients to read.

Waiting room message content (PDF :89KB)This content can be used to engage patients with consistent messages about the benefits of EPS.

Pharmacy letter template (PDF: 60KB)This template can be used to engage affiliated pharmacies and encourage them to promote EPS to nomination. It can be attached to batches of paper prescriptions sent from the practice to the pharmacy.

Guide to searching for non-nominated repeat patients - SystmOne (PDF: 431KB)This step by step guide shows users how to create a report on patients who have not yet made an EPS nomination.

Guide to setting up an EPS prompt pop up for prescribers - SystmOne (PDF: 1MB)This step by step guide shows users how to set up alerts for non-nominated patients. The alerts will help GPs to promote EPS during consultations. Pop up prompts are particularly useful in increasing EPS use.

Guide to setting up non-nominated patient alerts - EMIS system (PDF: 663KB)This step by step guide shows users how to set up alerts for non-nominated patients. The alerts will help GPs to promote EPS during consultations. The alerts will also benefit other practice staff such as the administrative team. Pop up prompts are particularly useful in increasing EPS use.

For more information, contact us by email:


Let's talk EPS

Together, we'll explore:

  • how to increase the use of Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • how to improve patient experience with EPS
  • what you find difficult with EPS
  • how we can help you maximise your use of EPS, and the benefits of EPS

Book your space on Eventbrite for the Birmingham event on Wednesday 10 July 2019.

Book your space on Eventbrite for the Stoke event on Thursday 11 July 2019.

Book your space on Eventbrite for the Dorset event on Wednesday 17 July 2019.



Electronic prescription service (EPS) utilisation dashboard

An ePACT2 dashboard to support local interventions to drive the growth of EPS use

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