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NHS Community Pharmacy and PCN Hypertension Case Finding (NHS CVD) pilot

The NHS CVD pilot for specified Primary Care Network (PCN) localities will run from 1 November 2020 until 31 July 2021

Only certain areas will be running the pilot. These regions can be found on this page.

NHS Community Pharmacy and PCN Hypertension Case Finding (NHS CVD) are running a pilot to test the model of care for risk identification and prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

This pilot has been extended from 31 March 2021 to 31 July 2021.  Pharmacies that have previously registered for the pilots are not required to re-register.  No actions are required if the contractor wishes to continue to provide the service.

Only community pharmacies within the specified Primary Care Network (PCN) localities will be allowed to register for this service.

Aims of NHS CVD service pilot

This project aims to:

  • identify people over the age of 40 who have previously not been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and to refer them for appropriate management
  • promote healthy behaviours to service users
  • test a community pharmacy model that is able to refer people identified as likely to have high blood pressure (hypertension) to general practice for ongoing care to manage their blood pressure
  • explore accessibility, engagement and impact in areas of differing demographics and deprivation levels

What the service will provide

The agreement is for a pharmacist or trained pharmacy team member to opportunistically measure the blood pressure of adults.

At the end of a patient consultation, where readings indicate:

  • normal blood pressure, the pharmacist or trained pharmacy team member will promote healthy behaviours
  • high blood pressure, the pharmacist or trained pharmacy team member will offer Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) either from the pharmacy or through a local diagnostic pathway and will also promote healthy behaviours
  • very high blood pressure, the pharmacist or trained pharmacy team member will urgently refer the patient to see their GP within 24 hours and the pharmacist will inform the patient’s GP practice by NHSmail or via another locally agreed platform
  • low blood pressure, the pharmacist or trained pharmacy team member will provide appropriate advice

How people access the service

To access the service, people must:

  • be 40 years old or over
  • not previously have been identified as having hypertension or a related condition
  • not have had their blood pressure measured by a health professional within the previous 6 months
  • have walked into the pharmacy and either requested the service or been opportunistically offered it by a member of the pharmacy team

Inclusion criteria

  •  Adults who are 40 years old or over, who do not have a current diagnosis of hypertension or a related condition.
  • Any person under the age of 40 who requests the service because they have a recognised family history of hypertension may be seen under this service (with notes provided on the recording spreadsheet to this effect) if the pharmacist thinks this is appropriate.
  • People between 35 and 39 years old who are approached about or request the service may be tested at the pharmacist’s discretion.
  • Adults specified by a local GP practice for the measurement of blood pressure.

Exclusion criteria

  • People who are unable to give consent to participate.
  • People under the age of 40 years old, unless at the discretion of the pharmacist.
  • People who have their blood pressure regularly monitored by a healthcare professional, unless at the request of a local GP practice.
  • The pharmacy contractor must ensure the service is accessible, appropriate and sensitive to the needs of all service users. The service must also be delivered ensuring all appropriate infection control and risk management procedures are followed with respect to COVID-19. No eligible service user shall be excluded or experience particular difficulty in accessing this service, with regards to protected characteristics or age. 
  • Any person who is identified as suitable to be included under the criteria but where the smallest / largest cuff available does not fit and therefore an accurate blood pressure cannot be obtained, should be directed to their GP. 

Register to provide the service

You can register for this service if you are a community pharmacy in one of the specified PCN areas. These areas include:

  • Chesterfield and Dronfield PCN
  • Darlington PCN
  • Dudley Netherton PCN
  • Newham Central PCN
  • North Newham PCN
  • Urban Health PCN

You must register your pharmacy’s details with NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI). As this is an online sign-up, there is no need to return a signed SLA back to your regional team.


Service level agreements and specifications

CVD Pilot Service Level Agreement and Specifications (Word: 697KB)