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Medicines Use Review (MUR)/New Medicine Services (NMS) quarterly submission

Background information

Medicines Use Review (MUR) and New Medicine Service (NMS) are Advanced Services within the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF). Pharmacy contractors providing the MUR and the NMS services are required by the Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced and Enhanced Services) (England) Directions 2013 to maintain records of the consultations. When requested, pharmacy contractors must provide information on the MUR and NMS interventions undertaken in the previous quarter to NHS England.

NHS England has requested that this data is provided on an on-going basis and pharmacies must therefore complete the nationally agreed electronic reporting template with details of the MUR/NMS conducted in that quarter, using data collated from pharmacy records. The completed electronic reporting templates used to be emailed to the pharmacy contractors’ local NHS England team.

The NHSBSA now administers the collection of MUR and NMS information from pharmacy contractors on behalf of NHS England. Pharmacy contractors therefore need to submit their quarterly MUR and NMS data to the NHSBSA rather than emailing the report to their local NHS England team. If a contractor normally provides MURs or NMS, but does not do so in a specific quarter, there is no requirement for the contractor to submit a 'nil-return' submission of data to the NHSBSA.

Pharmacy contractors must submit their MUR and NMS quarterly information to the NHSBSA within 10 working days from the last day of the quarter the data refers to (last day of June, September, December and March).

Submitting your quarterly MUR/NMS data

There are two ways to submit your quarterly MUR and NMS data to the NHSBSA:

  • The Online Forms
  • The Electronic Reporting Templates

You will only need to submit your data via one of the above methods.

Please note a separate submission is required for both MUR and NMS activity if both have been undertaken during the reporting quarter.

For the submission of quarterly data for a single, or a small number of pharmacies, we highly recommend that you use the Online Forms. The Online Forms only permit the submission of data for a single pharmacy at a time.

If the submission is to be made for multiple pharmacies we recommend using the Electronic Reporting Template where data for multiple accounts can be added to a single template.

NB: If you are contacted by your NHS England Local Team regarding non-submission of your MUR and NMS data, but you have received an email submission receipt from our systems, there may have been a technical issue with the uploading of your data. In this instance please contact for further advice.

Online forms

You can use the online forms to enter your information. The forms can be accessed via the links below:

Access the MUR form

Access the NMS form

  • Please enter and submit all of the required information that you would have entered into the reporting templates that were previously submitted to your NHS England Local Team.
  • Please remember to enter your OCS code (you can find this on your submission document and on your Schedule of Payments) in uppercase as lowercase and incorrect codes will not be accepted.
  • All fields must be completed and cannot be blank.
  • Once complete your submission will be automatically uploaded into our system.
  • If you have any issues with your submission please contact

Electronic Reporting Template

  • Download and complete the electronic reporting template

Only these templates must be used and they are protected so that columns cannot be added or removed. Please complete all of the fields and information required as any anomalies could cause your submission to fail.

MUR electronic reporting template (for submission to NHSBSA) (Excel: 17KB)

NMS electronic reporting template (for submission to NHSBSA) (Excel: 15KB)

If you don’t have access to Excel, these files can be opened by downloading and installing free to download software, for example LibreOffice.  Information on how to download the LibreOffice software can be found in the User Guide above.

  • If using free to download software such as LibreOffice, you can download and continue to use the above .xlsx file
  • Please ensure you continue to save as .xlsx if prompted
  • If the file format has been changed to another format, please select ‘save as’ from the menu and save as .xlsx format.

Your completed spreadsheet cannot be submitted in any other format and submissions of other file types will fail.