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MYS – Pharmacy

Access MYS

Once you have registered for the service, you can access the MYS portal.

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What our aims are

Pharmacy staff spend a lot of time processing end of month claims and use several different methods to complete a range of services with us.

We aim to reduce this administrative burden by providing one portal to complete reimbursement and remuneration tasks.

Examples of services available via the MYS portal are:

  • pharmacy prescription batch submission forms
  • referred back and disallowed items
  • Pharmacy Quality Scheme (formerly Quality Payment Scheme) 
  • NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) claim

Pharmacies can also request information reports providing more visibility of claims made.

This will create savings that we can reinvest in frontline patient care.

How this will benefit your pharmacy

The MYS portal allows you to complete your end of month submission online.

This means:

  • there’ll be less room for error in the submission process
  • you’ll be able to view all your past submissions in one place
  • you’ll be able to manage your submissions more easily
  • verifying your prescriptions after processing and payment will be much easier

You’ll still need to send your paper prescriptions to us as normal.

You can also request to receive your referred back and disallowed items using the portal instead of them being posted to you.

This means:

  • you’ll receive your referred back items sooner
  • you can provide the information required to process the items faster
  • you can track the progress of your referred back items throughout until the point they are processed
  • there is no risk of losing them in transit

If you’d like more information about MYS, you can contact us by:

Sign up for MYS

MYS registration is for pharmacies in England only.

To register your pharmacy and authorise individuals’ access to MYS, you must be the business owner, director or an individual previously registered through our Information Services Portal. 

Complete the MYS access authorisation form (Word: 244KB)

Once we have received your completed access authorisation form, we'll start the process of creating accounts for your users. This usually takes 2 to 5 working days to complete.

As part of this process, users will get an email from 'Microsoft Invitations' inviting them to access applications in our organisation by a member of our support team. 

The MYS registration and log-in guide (Word: 1.69MB) is available to help with this process.

Information for IT Suppliers

MYS has a number of APIs available that can allow you to send data on behalf of your customers. This will allow us to automatically fill in customer claim forms for payment.

APIs are currently available for:

  • NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)
  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Service
  • NHS Smoking Cessation Services (SCS)
  • NHS Community Pharmacy Contraception Service
  • NHS Community Pharmacy Hypertension Case-Finding Advanced Service
  • NHS Discharge Medicines Service
  • NHS New Medicines Service

The NHSBSA Claim Interface Guide (PDF: 1.25MB), NHSBSA SCS API client specification (PDF:724KB)NHSBSA contraception API client specification (PDF:384KB), NHSBSA Hypertension Case-Finding API client specification (PDF: 482KB), NHSBSA DMS API client specification (PDF: 356KB), and NHSBSA NMS API client specification (PDF: 365KB) provides details of the APIs available and how to integrate with them.

Note that the CPCS, Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service and Covid-19 Vaccination Service specifications are included in the NHSBSA Claim Interface Guide.

If suppliers would like more information on our API’s, email us at