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MYS – General Practice (Pilot)

Access MYS

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has developed a GP portal within Manage your service (MYS) to allow FP34D and FP34PD forms to be submitted electronically.

Once you have registered for the service, you can access the MYS GP portal.

Log in to the MYS GP portal

What our aims are

GP staff currently submit high volume vaccination claims manually.

We aim to reduce this administrative burden by providing one portal to complete your digital submission.

How this will benefit your practice

The MYS portal allows you to complete your high volume vaccinations submission online.

This means:

  • there’ll be less room for error in the submission process
  • you’ll be able to view all your past submissions in one place
  • you’ll be able to manage your submissions more easily

You’ll still be required to send a paper FP34D or FP34PD submission document to the NHSBSA as normal.

Information and support

Our YouTube video will help you to submit your claims via the MYS portal.

If you’d like more information about MYS, you can contact us by:


Telephone: 0300 330 1368

Find out about call charges

Sign up for MYS – General Practice (Pilot)

We are now running a pilot with a selected number of practices. If you want to include your practice in the pilot you will need to register your GP practices and individuals to use the MYS portal. You must be the senior partner to register.

Complete the MYS GP access authorisation form (Word: 252KB) and email it to

Once we have received your completed access authorisation form, you will be contacted and told if you have been accepted to join the pilot and when accounts for your users will be created.

As part of this process, users will get an email from 'Microsoft Invitations' inviting them to access applications in our organisation by a member of our support team.