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NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service pilot

Community pharmacies can register to provide the NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service pilot (NUMSAS) on this website.

View the amended directions for the Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service (CPSIVAS) and NUMSAS (PDF: 45KB)

View the updated determinations for CPSIVAS and NUMSAS for September 2018 (PDF: 73KB). They apply from 1 September and will be included in Part VIC of the Drug Tariff from October.

View the NUMSAS service specification on the NHS England website.

This is commissioned as a fully integrated service, so a number of key elements need to be in place before contractors can start to provide the service.

Any pharmacy that is able to meet the criteria set out in the service specification can register, but they will only be able to receive referrals from NHS 111 and provide the service when the service goes live in their area. 

Requirement for NHSmail

Pharmacies must have a premises specific shared NHSmail mailbox. Do not register to provide the service until you have such a mailbox.

A premises specific NHSmail shared mailbox is one which clearly relates to a single pharmacy premises, and which appropriate staff members can access using their own NHSmail address and individual password. This is not a premises mailbox which is shared by staff members where there is one shared login and password, and which would not be secure under the information governance requirements.

A premises specific shared mailbox allows NHS 111 to send a referral containing confidential patient information to a pharmacy and allows authorised members of staff to open that email without the sharing of passwords. Sharing passwords for NHSmail accounts is a breach of Information Governance.

A personal NHSmail account can not be used for the service, and any registration that uses a personal NHSmail address will be removed. 

Some pharmacies have previously been issued with premises NHSmail accounts which are not shared NHSmail mailboxes. These can be identified if the only way to allow multiple staff access to that email account is by sharing the password. Please do NOT proceed to register to provide the service if this is the type of mailbox you have, but wait until you have a premises specific shared NHSmail mailbox.

A requirement for being provided with the premises specific shared NHSmail mailbox is that the pharmacy is meeting its requirements of their terms of service in relation to an information governance programme.

Locum pharmacists will be able to access shared NHSmail mailboxes, but will require their personal NHSmail address to be linked to each shared mailbox. Details of how to do this will be provided when the mailbox is set-up.

Register to provide the service

If you intend to provide the service, you must register by completing the form on the link below. You cannot submit a claim for payment relating to this service without first completing the registration form.

Register your pharmacy as a provider of the service

Completing FP10DT EPS Dispensing Tokens

Contractors providing NUMSAS need to complete a FP10DT EPS dispensing token for each patient interaction. The form should include:

  • full name, address and date of birth of patient
  • patient’s NHS Number
  • name, strength and form of medicines or appliances requested (using DM+D name or shortened DM+D name11)
  • the quantity supplied or the reason for not supplying (using the standard code set out in guidance12)
  • date and time of supply
  • name and address of patient’s GP
  • NHS 111 referral ID number

This information must be completed in legible handwriting.  Illegible writing or missing information may lead to a delay in payment. You'll find patient details on the NHS 111 referral.

The patient (or representative) must complete the relevant sections of the reverse of the FP10DT EPS dispensing token to claim any exemptions from NHS prescription charge


Submit a claim for payment

To claim payment for this service you must complete the NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service pilot claim form below and submit it to the NHSBSA along with the completed FP10DT EPS dispensing tokens. The NHSBSA will contact you once you have registered for the service to advise of the submission process, including the address that the claim form and tokens should be sent to. This process will be separate to the submission of other FP10 forms.

You'll need to complete a form for every month you have provided the service.

Download the claim form (PDF: 51KB)

Deregister from providing the service

If you no longer intend to provide the service, you must give NHS England one month’s advance notice by completing a separate deregistration form.

Deregister your pharmacy as a provider of the service