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Prescription requests

CCGs and other provider organisations wishing to request prescriptions need to contact their STP (formerly Area Team) if they want to receive un-redacted copies

Your request should cover no more than a three month period. This will help us respond to requests more quickly.

Make a search request

  1. Check the relevant guidance.
  2. Complete and submit the form.

STP and Hospital Trust requests

To complete the form, you’ll need to provide certain information which is available from ePACT2.

Prescriber requests 

You'll need to complete the STP form and forward to your STP to arrange the request.

Forms and guidance

STP (formerly Area Team)


Hospital Trusts



Prescriber queries

If a CCG or provider organisation believes any prescribing has been incorrectly processed or attributed to their organisation, they can initiate a prescriber query.

  1. Complete the prescriber dispenser report from ePACT2 including details about why you think the prescribing has been incorrectly attributed.
  2. Send the completed form to