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The charts and data tables show values for prescribing comparators supporting the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) medicine use and procurement workstream.

Useful information about QIPP

The aim of the comparators is:

  • to support organisations and prescribers to review the appropriateness of current prescribing
  • revise prescribing where appropriate and monitor implementation

The comparators are not intended to be used as targets or performance tables but rather highlight variation and support local discussion and decisions regarding QIPP. 

The current comparators cover 12 of the 14 therapeutic areas included in the latest update of the 'medicines and prescribing centre' publication – Key Therapeutic Topics - Medicines management options for local implementation.

Further information about QIPP is available on GOV.UK.

The reports have been split into 4 sections.

  • ADQ / Items
  • percentage / items
  • Items / STAR PU

Charts are presented with their associated data to provide a high level view of prescribing at:

  • regional office
  • integrated care board (ICB)
  • commissioner / provider level
  • practice
  • all practice data

There are 3 views that can be selected. These are 'in quarter', 'quarter on quarter' or 'year on year'.

The data provided:

  • only includes NHS prescribing for prescribers who are linked to a practice
  • is based on items which have been prescribed in England on an FP10 and FP10HP and dispensed in the community
  • may include items prescribed in England but dispensed in Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man

If a prescription was issued but not presented for dispensing, or was not submitted to NHS Prescription Services by the dispenser, then it is not included in the data provided.

The data excludes:

  • items prescribed in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man but dispensed in England
  • items dispensed in prisons, hospitals and private prescriptions but does include prison and prescriptions issued by provider organisations which are dispensed in the community
  • items prescribed by dentists, unidentified prescribers and prescribers working directly for the commissioner/provider

Comparators using PU weightings in the calculation

Practices that have prescribing, but do not have a list size, will be included in the data and have a comparator value of '0' as there is no list size to make the calculations.

Practices that have not prescribed, and do have a list size, will not be listed at all in the practice level data for that comparator. However, the list sizes for those practices with no prescribing will contribute to the list size and therefore comparator value in reports at a higher level (commissioner / provider level).