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Out of Hours report

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This report details the monthly and cumulative net ingredient cost (NIC) spend of out of hours services that use Non-FP10 prescriptions (FP10P-REC). 

Non-FP10 prescriptions are submitted directly to NHS Prescription Services for processing by the out of hours care provider.

Report notes

Data within this report is for England only.

This data only covers information captured from form FP10P-REC where the Out Of Hours provider submitted the form to NHS Prescription Services. Other data may be held locally by the primary care organisation (PCO).

Net Ingredient cost (NIC) is the basic price of a drug as stated in Part II Clause 8 of the Drug Tariff

Those organisations which do not have “Out of Hours” units associated with them will not appear in the report.

Unidentified Out of Hours Care will be shown on the National Totals report only.

Out of Hours providers data will be attributed to the organisation that they are assigned to for the prescribing month selected.

The 4 levels available to view in the report are:

  • National
  • Region
  • ICB
  • Commissioner / Provider

When looking at historical data, the organisation structure will revert to the NHS structure for the selected time period. For example, ICBs will show as the Areas.