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Prescribing comparators

Access for:

The report shows potential savings that may be achieved by prescribing generically. The specialist drugs report is produced at national, ICB, commissioner / provider and practices.

They include the potential generic savings report which is produced at national, ICB, commissioner / provider, practice level and practices within a commissioner / provider.

This is a list of drugs, identified by advisers, to help with the monitoring of drugs there are concerns about in relation to appropriate prescribing in primary care. Hospital specialists initiate these drugs.

These drugs tend to be high cost. This is so users find this information useful for: 

  • budget setting
  • identifying exceptional pressures on individual practices
  • reviewing financial performance

A small number of new drugs are added each year, but no previous drugs are removed. 

Over time, some of the drugs have become established in routine use, and no longer regarded as specialist.

Report notes

The data:

  • only includes NHS prescribing for prescribers who are linked to a practice
  • provided is based on England Community prescribing only. 
  • may include items prescribed in England but dispensed in Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man
  • includes dental, prison and prescriptions issued by provider organisations which are dispensed in the community
  • excludes items dispensed in prisons, hospitals and private prescriptions

If a prescription was written, but not presented for dispensing or was not submitted to NHS Prescription Services by the dispenser, then it is not included in the data provided.

The data excludes items prescribed in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man but dispensed in England. It also excludes items prescribed by unidentified prescribers and prescribers working directly for a commissioner / provider.