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Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) utilisation dashboard

The  EPS Utilisation dashboard allows GP practices and CCGs to:

  • see the variation in EPS and electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) prescribing across GP practices, within a CCG and across CCGs
  • identify the growth opportunity in each area
  • help prioritise potential areas of activity, and
  • monitor the impact of initiatives to increase EPS and eRD utilisation.

The  dashboard supports local interventions to help drive the growth of EPS utilisation so that patients, prescribing organisations, for example GP practices, and dispensing organisations such as pharmacies experience the potential benefits of increased use of EPS and eRD.

If you're registered, you can access the ‘EPS Utilisation’ dashboard via ePACT2, a guide on accessing the dashboard is available here.

Those who are not registered for ePACT2 can access an EPS Prescribing Data Dashboard which includes the main indicators from the ePACT2 dashboard.