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ePACT2 News

On this page you will find articles which will keep customers informed of any updates and changes to the system that they need to be aware of.

ePACT2 is moving to a new platform

During September 2018 we are looking to make improvements to the ePACT2 platform as we grow our service offering and increase the number of users.  As part of this, we are working with our delivery partner Oracle to upgrade and transfer ePACT2 to an Oracle Analytics Cloud service (OAC).  You will be able to continue to use ePACT2 in exactly the same way as before.  But you will notice the look of the system is slightly different and there will be improved "analyses" options. 

A special edition of the ePACT2 Newsletter will be circulated to all users providing more detail of the changes and what this means to users and exact dates of when the migration will take place.

Finance reports

Itemised Prescribing Payment Report (IPP) and remuneration reports have been successfully migrated to ePACT2.

ePACT2 newsletter

ePACT2 newsletter is produced monthly to inform customers of updates and changes to the system

Issue 1 April 2018

Issue 2 May 2018

Issue 3 May 2018

Issue 4 June 2018

Issue 5 June 2018

Issue 6 August 2018

Issue 7 September 2018