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Manage your service (MYS)

Our new ‘Manage your service’ (MYS) application offers an online alternative to the current paper-based process. 

The service entered private beta on 25 September 2018. We’re testing it with over 160 community pharmacies. This allows us to identify and fix any issues before launching the service.

Sign up for MYS

To register your pharmacies and authorise access for individuals for MYS, you must be the business owner, director or an individual previously verified thorough our 'Information Services Portal' (ISP) registration process.

Complete the MYS access authorisation form (Word 244KB)

Once we have received your completed access authorisation form, we'll start the process of creating accounts for your users.

As part of this process, they'll get an email from 'Microsoft Invitations' inviting them to access applications in our organisation using 2 factor authentication. 

The MYS 2 factor authentication access guide (PDF 1.02MB) is available to help with this process.

What our aims are

The amount of electronic prescriptions has been increasing, and we’ve been working on digitising:

  • pharmacy prescription submission forms
  • referred back items processes

These processes use a lot of resource and our aim is to:

  • provide a secure online alternative to the current paper based submission of the FP34C
  • reduce the number of disallowed and unpaid items
  • save time for pharmacies while reducing our operating costs
  • efficiently improve prescription pricing

Pharmacy staff spend a lot of time processing ‘end of month’ claims, and we want to reduce their workload where we can. 

This will create savings that we can reinvest in frontline patient care.

How this will affect your pharmacy

Once our new service has launched, you’ll be able to complete your end of month submission online.

This means:

  • there’ll be less room for error in the submission process
  • you’ll be able to view all your past submissions in one place
  • you’ll be able to manage your submissions more easily
  • verifying your prescriptions after processing and payment will be much easier

You’ll still need to send your paper prescriptions to us as normal.

Quality payment scheme

Following on from the publication of NHS England’s guidance for the quality payments scheme February 2019 review point; you’ll able to claim for a quality payment through MYS.

MYS provides added benefits over the SNAP survey tool. This includes the ability to provide you; at the time of making your declaration, with confirmation that your pharmacy has been assessed against national data sets as either meeting or not meeting the gateway criteria.

This means if you have not met the 5 gateway criteria, you have the opportunity to take corrective action before you make your declaration.

If you’d like more information about MYS, contact us by email: