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Pharmacy, appliance contractor, dispensing doctor and personally administered dispensing data

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has determined that it is in the public interest to release details of dispensing information for identified dispensers.

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Data relating to dispensed prescriptions for Pharmacy, Appliance, Dispensing Doctor and PADM dispensing information for identified dispensers is now available to view. The reports are published at the end of each month.

They relate to the dispensing month, e.g. the November report relates to prescriptions dispensed in November and received and processed by NHS Prescription Services in December with payment made at the end of January.View the report publication dates 


Practice prescribing dispensing data

A report detailing monthly information on practice prescribing in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man and the number of items dispensed in England that were prescribed by that practice. Reports are available from March 2012.

2017 Data (ZIP csv)

January 2017 February 2017          

2016 Data (ZIP csv)

January 2016 February 2016 March 2016    April 2016  May 2016 June 2016 
 July 2016  August 2016  September 2016  October 2016  November 2016  December 2016

2015 Data (ZIP csv)

 January 2015  February 2015  March 2015  April 2015  May 2015  June 2015
 July 2015  August 2015  September 2015  October 2015  November 2015  December 2015

2014 Data (ZIP csv)

 January 2014  February 2014  March 2014  April 2014  May 2014  June 2014
 July 2014  August 2014  September 2014  October 2014   November 2014  December 2014

2013 Data (ZIP csv)

 January 2013  February 2013  March 2013  April 2013  May 2013  June 2013
 July 2013  August 2013  September 2013  October 2013  November 2013  December 2013

2012 Data (ZIP csv)

      March 2012  April 2012  May 2012  June 2012
 July 2012  August 2012  September 2012  October 2012  November 2012  December 2012

Dispensing doctor and PADM dispensed data


Glossary of termsElectronic Drug Tariff

Prescribing data

Reports containing prescribing data from NHS prescriptions dispensed in the community.

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Medicines Optimisation Dashboard

Highlighting variations in local practice for comparison purposes

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