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eRD resources

Our GP Assurance team are working in collaboration with CCGs to help prescribers and dispensers realise the benefits of increased eRD use. To help prescribers and dispensers increase their eRD use, we've created a library of resources. 


Guides to setting up eRD for EMIS and SystmOne users.

EMIS users

A guide to setting up eRD for EMIS users from NHS Digital.

eRD set up guide for EMIS (PDF: 1.97MB)

SystmOne users

A guide to setting up eRD for SystmOne users from Doncaster CCG.

eRD set up guide for SystmOne (PowerPoint: 2.2MB)

A course designed to help you understand how to set up a nominated pharmacy, cancelling items and using the EPS tracker. The course is designed by North East Commissioning Support and suitable for EMIS and SystmOne users.

e-learning course for eRD

A quick reference guide, giving you a summary of the benefits for the NHS, for GP practices, for pharmacies and for patients.

Benefits of eRD (PDF: 96KB)

A library of guides on how to get the most from eRD. These include how to identify suitable or eligible patients, how to get patient consent, cancelling and synching prescriptions, patient pathway, and the eRD handbook from Wessex AHSN.

eRD patient suitability guide (PDF: 448KB)eRD patient consent guide (PDF: 109KB)eRD cancelling and synching prescriptions (PDF: 110KB)eRD patient pathway (PDF: 488KB)

We've been working closely with Wessex AHSN to develop this process. You can view some really useful content on the Wessex AHSN website. Wessex AHSN has also created a help eRD handbook.

eRD handbook (PDF: 247KB)

The EPS and eRD utilisation dashboard allows GP practices and CCGs to:

  • see the variation in EPS and electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) prescribing across GP practices, within a CCG and across CCGs
  • identify the growth opportunity in each area
  • help prioritise potential areas of activity
  • monitor the impact of initiatives to increase EPS and eRD utilisation

The dashboard supports local interventions to help grow EPS utilisation so that patients, prescribing organisations such as GP practices, and dispensing organisations such as pharmacies, experience the potential benefits of increased use of EPS and eRD.

If you're registered, access the EPS Utilisation dashboard via ePACT2.

View a guide on accessing the dashboard (Word: 1.63MB)

A series of messages for you to use when communicating with primary care colleagues, stakeholders and patients about eRD.

Key messages for patients (PDF: 115KB)Key messages for dispensers (PDF: 95KB)

A range of resources to help you promote eRD to patients including patient flyers and waiting room slides. 

An A5 leaflet to download and print, highlighting the benefits of eRD for patients. Leave these around your practice or pharmacy to promote eRD, or hand them out with other patient literature: 

eRD patient flyer (PDF: 1MB)

If you're a GP practice, dentist, optician or pharmacy, you can place an order via Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

If you do not work in one of these but are, for example, a trust, CCG or local authority, you can order via PCSE.

A series of slides for waiting room plasma and LCD screens, highlighting the benefits of eRD for patients.Waiting room slides (PowerPoint: 96KB)

Suggested content to help you promote the benefits of eRD to your patients through your newsletter, website, letter or text message.

Content for your website or bulletin to help you promote eRD to your patients.

Content for your website or bulletin (PDF: 89KB)Suggested letter content for you to communicate the benefits of eRD to your patients.Patient letter template (Word: 17KB)Suggested text message content for you to communicate the benefits of eRD to your patients.Text message copy for you to communicate with patients (PDF: 83KB)

A series of suggested posts and hashtags for your social media channels.

Suggested social media content (PDF: 230KB)

We have a number of videos available to help publicise eRD across your digital channels. You can access these via our YouTube channel and embed them into your website or share them on social media.

NHSBSA YouTube channel

If you would like a downloadable copy of our videos, email